NV Double Lever Corkscrew - Pulltex

Tasting Notes

The double lever corkscrew system used in this bottle opener is extremely efficient at extracting even the toughest corks. Waiter's friend corkscrews are perfect for opening bottles of wine quickly and efficiently. This corkscrew is made from metal and the worm (screw) is teflon coated with a hard wearing serrated blade which can be used to open bottles of beer and cider.

How to use a Double Lever Corkscrew;
1. You need to hold the bottle of wine, ideally on a flat surface.
2. Use a foil cutter to cut the foil. We suggest placing the foil cutter underneath the ridge of the bottle top, hold it in position and twist the bottle with the other hand. This should then separate the foil giving you one piece still on the bottle and the other loose, simply remove!
3. Now insert the screw (worm) into the cork, rotate the corkscrew into the cork.
4. Screw into the cork, leaving just two to three spiral's showing on the corkscrew (this is to stop piercing the cork at the other end).
5. Place the lever on to the neck of the bottle, pull the corkscrew up until the 2nd lever is in line with the neck of the bottle.
6. Now place the 2nd lever on to the neck of the bottle, and repeat the action. The cork should now be released, but if not a pull on the corkscrew should release the cork.

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