A fine Collectors Cellar of single bottles 


A treasure trove of exciting and interesting wines.

We have been asked to sell the personal cellar of a committed collector. He was an avid reader of Decanter Magazine and was strongly influenced by wines that performed exceptionally well in Decanter blind tastings.  As a consequence, some wines will be familiar, but equally, there will be lots of new names to explore too.


Only 250 bottles remain of mainly singles over many vintages, it is logistically difficult to offer them all at once, so we are releasing them in two tranches a week apart. These wines have been stored in a cool, dark and slightly damp cellar in the Cotswolds so the levels are perfect, however some labels are bin soiled.


Minimum purchase 6 bottles 

Wines are offered Inc vat, subject to remaining unsold, and on a first come first served basis, -  Please call us on 0117 370 9930 or email to place your order.