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Store your fine wine with WineSafe at Octavian Cellars


 Susan McCraith MW


is a separate limited company set up specifically for the storage of fine wine for private individuals. It is operated by Davis Bell McCraith Wines.

The company does not own any stock or trade in stock at all, so has no liabilities other than the costs associated with storage. The company's business is only the storage of wine and is therefore a safer home for the long term care of your wines. WineSafe has been set up as a separate limited company with the sole intention of giving our clients added protection for their fine wines.

Wines are stored in the underground vaults at Octavian, Corsham, Wiltshire - the premiere storage facility for fine wine in the UK. The wine is stored in a deep underground cavern where the temprature and humidity is strictly controlled at all times. 

All wines are insured at replacement value. If you are interested in protecting your fine wines and storing them with WineSafe, please call 01275 434980 or click on this link.


Storing wines at home

Upon arrival, we recommend that you store your bottles horizontally somewhere dark and cool, or at least at a stable temperature, for example under the stairs or in a spare room where the heating is turned off. Kitchen wine racks are usually too warm to leave wine for any length of time. Let your wine settle for a few days before opening. Wine is a living liquid and doesn't take kindly to being jostled about!

Reds should be served at room temperature or a little cooler and often benefit from decanting or pouring into a jug and then back into the bottle (called 'double-decanting'). Whites should be chilled for a couple of hours in the fridge. You can chill a wine quickly by plunging it in an ice and water mix for 20 minutes but beware of over-chilling whites, rosés and sparkling wines as it will 'numb' the flavours.









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